Monday, 5 December 2011

How to pay BESCOM bill online

BESCOM has provided all its customers a online portal to facilitate payment of bills.

Here are the steps to follow to pay your bill successfully
 1. Click on the following link

 2. First time users have to Signup.
        a) Click on 'Register now' link
        b) Enter a valid Email Id, choose a username and password.
        c) A mail will be sent to the Email Id provided by you.
        d) Click on the link in the mail sent to confirm and authenticate your Email id.

 5. Return to Login with the username & password.

 6. First time users have to add RR number by clicking on 'Add RR Number Button'

 7. Once RR Number has been added select the same from the pull down menu and click on 'SUBMIT'

 8. Details of the current bill is displayed.

 9. Scroll down to see logo of IDBI bank. Click on it.

10.You are redirected to a new window. Enter the card details and follow the instructions given.

11. A message is displayed once the transaction is successful.

12. you can cross check the same by logging in again.


How to know about your BESCOM payment history

BESCOM has also provided a profile maintenance for users.

* Click on the below link :

* Enter your Sub Division Number. You can find it on your Bill.

* Enter the RR Number found on your bill. You can refer the below image

* Click on Submit.

* The website gives all the details about your profile of last 12 months.

* The Details include Units used, Current Bill amount, Bill payment details.

* If you have any queries you can fill in the feedback form also.

Enjoy !!